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Competition among operating system (OS) suppliers is growing, with new OS products being developed for emerging platforms such as smartphones and netbooks. Microsoft Windows is still the most important product for businesses, but Linux, Mac OS and Unix offer important alternatives, along with device-specific OS such as Android and Chrome. We examine the operating system software choices facing IT managers.

  • E-Zine 18 Aug 2022

    CW APAC: Trend watch: Enterprise resource planning

    Organisations are starting to look at refreshing their enterprise resource planning systems. In this handbook, focused on enterprise resource planning in the Asia-Pacific region, Computer Weekly looks at what’s behind this renewed priority, how GLS Group strengthened its processes, why firms want cheaper software maintenance and the benefits of best-of-breed cloud apps Continue Reading

  • News 11 May 2022

    IBM lived up to its neutrality promise to Red Hat

    Red Hat CEO Paul Cormier claims IBM has lived up to its commitment to maintain the neutrality of Red Hat three years on Continue Reading

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