IT legislation and regulation

Understanding the law as it applies to IT management can be one of the hardest task for IT leaders, but the growing burden of regulatory compliance makes it essential. Legislation and regulation affects enterprise IT in many ways, not just in long-standing tasks such as contracts and software licensing. We examine the latest legal development and how they affect IT managers, and talk to the experts in IT legislation and regulation to explain what it means to your organisation.

  • E-Zine 20 Jan 2023

    CW APAC January 2023 – Trend Watch: CIO Trends

    As we enter a new year, it remains vital for IT leaders to keep track of the latest developments across the industry. In this handbook, focused on CIO trends in the Asia-Pacific region, Computer Weekly looks at predictions for 2023, how the Australian Red Cross managed a donation surge, Mondelez’s digital transformation and Singapore’s public sector IT strategy Continue Reading

  • E-Zine 21 Nov 2022

    CW APAC: Trend Watch: Artificial intelligence in APAC

    Artificial intelligence is becoming more commonplace across business. In this handbook, focused on the adoption of the technology in the Asia-Pacific region, Computer Weekly looks at what still stands in its way, Dell’s deep learning model, how AI can realise its potential in healthcare, and the pros and cons of using AI and ML applications in the cloud. Continue Reading

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