Diversity in tech 2022: Bev White, Nash Squared

In this video from Computer Weekly’s annual diversity event, in partnership with Nash Squared, Bev White, CEO of Nash Squared, talks about how the number of women in tech reached its highest in the last year.

White says both government figures and figures in the Nash Squared annual Digital Leadership Report show a growth in the number of women in tech.

But while the improvement of gender diversity in tech is “amazing”, White said the pace of change is too slow – at the current pace of change we will have to wait until 2060 for gender diversity in tech to reach 50/50.

Getting women and minorities into tech is one thing, but ensuring they stay is another, and White says organisations need to “rewire” if they’re going to progress.

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Part of: Computer Weekly Diversity in Tech Conference 2022 - keynote speeches

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